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·         AKM Semiconductor, Inc. designs and manufactures CMOS mixed-signal integrated circuits, combining analog and digital functions on a single chip or chip set. These high quality, low power consumption products, (ASSP), for telecommunications, multimedia, data acquisition and mass storage data industry. AKM is the worlds largest manufacture of Hall Effect magnet sensors. Product Categories: Mixed-Signal semiconductors for audio, video, networking, and eeprom technologies. Clock Generators, DAC, ADC, S/PDIF, CODECs, DAC+EEPROM, DSP, Touchscreen Controller, SRC, Electronic Compass, Audio Amps,  Optical Networking, Video  Encoder and Decoder, Hall Effect Sensors, Hall Effect ICs, Hall Effect Elements, Linear Hall Effect ICs & Current Sensors,  AV Switches, WLED Drivers, LDO's, Pin Diodes, Vericaps,  and T1/E1/T3/E3 for consumer, professional, and portable equipment markets. TS16949

·         Emerging Display Technologies, Inc. has a full range of LCD products that features STN, FSTN, CSTN, TFT, and MVA  technology with COB (chip on board) COF (chip on flex), COG (chip on glass), TAB (tape automated bonding), and FPC (flexible PC board). Touch Panels; Resistive and Capacitive (Single & Multi Touch) available. Product Categories: Custom and semi-custom LCDs. TS16949

  • Hua Jung Co. Ltd. offers a full line of film capacitors including metalized (single and double layer) polyester, polypropylene, general purpose, pulsed, X2, Y2, PFC DC link and high reliability applications meeting all UL requirements. Construction, box type, dipped with special lead forms. TS16949
  • Longwell is one of the world's largest producers of electronic components and cable products, offering best in class power cords, custom cable assembles, wire & cable and complete line of standard and customer power supplies. all ROHs compliant. 
  • MagnaChip is a premier Korea-based designer and manufacture of analog and mix-signal products that includes MOSFETs and Analog Switches. Product Categories: 20V, 30V, 40V, 45V, 60V and 500V MOSFETs and USB, Single, Dual, Quad, and Data Switches. ISO/TS16949:200
  • MOSIS MOSIS  metal oxide semiconductor implementation service is a single wafer, multi-project foundry service. MOSIS offers IBM processes for small volume low cost prototyping. Product Categories: GDSII  input ASICs and Custom ICs.
  • NEC-Tokin manufactures everything from materials to devices and systems. Their main products tap state-of-the-art technologies to support our world of information digitalization. Taking advantage of its advanced material technologies, NEC-Tokin is proud to offer a wide variety of devices and systems for use in a broad range of products such as high-performance household appliances, office equipment, audio/visual equipment, and car electronics. Product Categories: Ferrite/EMC Products, Ceramics: Piezos, Gyros, Actuators, Tantalum Caps, Metal/Magnet Based Devices, Magnetic/IC Card Products, Supercaps, Custom Proton Polymer & Lithium Polymer batteries. TS16949
  • Raltron Electronic Corp.  has become on of the most recognized manufacturers of frequency management components, offering a complete line of ceramic resonators, crystals, standard & custom crystal oscillators ( VCXO, TCXO, OCXO), synchronization modules (Stratum 3), saw filters & RF antennas. TS1949
  •          Seoul Semiconductor is one of Korea's largest manufacturers of lighting products. Seoul Semi manufactures LED  products for the consumer, automotive, and industrial market place. Product Categories: Super Bright LED lamps in surface mount and through hole packages, AC LEDs, LED light bar modules, Custom  LED numeric displays, Dot matrix displays, LED graphic display unit, Outdoor LED lamps, Infrared LED lamps and photo detectors  . TS16949

·          Sony Semiconductor Company of America is a recognized leader in a number of electronic markets including consumer, broadcast, commercial, components, media, energy, and communications. Sony has been servicing the North America market for 35 years. Sony SSA combines the diverse strengths of Sony's semiconductor design, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, and sales operations in a vertically integrated company. Currently it offers a diverse array of innovative products ranging from memory to multimedia, communications, networking and wireless ICs. Product categories : CCD Sensors, Computer Audio/Video ICs, Infrared Receiver ICs, LCD and Peripheral ICs, Laser, Fast Static RAMS, Serial/Optical communications ICs,  and Wireless communication. TS16949                                         

·         Thinking Electronic provides a broad line of protective circuit components, including over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, and over-current protection  for the consumer, automotive, and industrial market places. Product Categories: NTC, Ceramic PTC and Polymer PTC Thermistors, Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV), Temperature and Humidity Sensors, Gas Discharge Tubes. TS16949

  • Wakefield-Vette, Inc. offer a complete line of thermal solutions and design simulations, including thermal and structural extrusions, LED sink sinks, heat frames, heat pipes, fan assembles, heat exchangers, coolant distribution units, liquid cold plates & PCB heat sinks.  Standard & Full custom thermal solutions with complete Thermal analysis.  ITAR & ISO9001

·         XENO  Devon Company is the exclusive USA agent for XENO Energy Co, LTD. Devon Company maintains a high level of stock to support OEM customers and distribution. Devon Company offers a high level of technical support and design assistance to its customers along with outstanding customer service. Major Features of  XENO Energy Lithium Battery; High & Steady Operating Voltage, Nominal Voltage 3.6V & Operating Voltage 3.4V, Improved TMV (Transient Minimum Voltage) Effect, Very Low Self-Discharge Rate, Superior Storage Capability (10 Years), Pulse Current up to Several Amperes,  Stable Operating Voltage. Product categories : Lithium Thionyl Chloride batteries. ISO9001, ISO14001, UL approved

 ·           Yenyo Technology Company, Ltd. is a leading manufacture of glass-passivated wafers, diffused and passivated dice, diodes, rectifier bridges, and thyristors. Product categories: Ultra Fast, Super Fast, Ultra Fast, Standard, & Schottky Rectifiers, TVS, Thyristors, Wafer & Chip . TS16949

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